28" Terminator Hunter Lite 6075 @ 64# Weak Arrow?

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28" Terminator Hunter Lite 6075 @ 64# Weak Arrow?
Posted on: Fri, 2008-08-08 11:54

I am going crazy trying to tune my Matthews Legacy shooting 62-64# to shoot 6075 Terminator Lites with 85 gr tips out of a trapdoor rest, bowhunting in Wisconsin only a month away. When I paper tune at maybe 9', I get a left tear, although i got it down to a 3/4" tear, moving the rest either way doesn't totally fix it. When I bare shaft tune from about 15 yds, bare shafts hit 4-6" right, moving rest either way doesn't fix it. I was able to walkback tune at 10yds, 22 yds, and 30 yds, and get a pretty much vertical row of groups. Most important, when I broadhead tune from 20 yds, shooting 85 gr Sonics land 6-8" right, moving rest right or left doesn't fix it. All indicate weak arrow, shouldn't be weak according to the charts????????? What to do??

Re:28" Terminator Hunter Lite 6075 @ 64# Weak Arrow?
Posted on: Mon, 2008-08-11 13:38

Very likely there is another issue, not spine. Without knowing more about your set-up I suspect it has something to do with your arrow rest timing to drop and/or clearance for your fletches with your arrows (perhaps past your cables). Watch for some wear in your vanes or any marks. There are other various ways to see what is happening. Also, try another type of rest. Hang in there - it is worth getting it set just right.

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