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Bad Arrows
Posted on: Sat, 2008-09-06 16:18

I am trying to switch from aluminum to carbon. I elected to make Carbon Express my first carbon experience. I have just purchased 8 arrows from Walmart. They are Carbon Express Terminator Hunter 6075. I've cut them off to fit my bow and reglued the inserts. I am target shooting into a Glendel Buck - a layered foam target. Every time I've missed the layers and penetrated the foam part of the target, my arrow has mushroomed. I could understand if I was totally missing the deer and hitting something hard, but I am still in the foam of the target!!! Out of the 8 arrows I purchased, 3 of them are now unusable and the only thing I did wrong was miss by 3 inches on my foam target.

Needless to say, my confidence in using these arrows on an actual deer with dense bone and skin is very low. Anyone have any ideas, or is this just normal for carbon arrows? I can't take the chance of equipment failure. My first carbon arrow experience has definitely not been worth it.

Re:Bad Arrows
Posted on: Sun, 2008-09-07 09:52

I am shooting the same arrows; Terminator Lite Hunter, 6750. I bought mine off the shelf at WalMart. I am shooting into a Glendale Buck target and I have experienced no such problem with arrows mushrooming. The only difference from what you wrote is that you cut your shafts and mine are factory length. So my question would be; what did you use to cut your shafts? Unless you use a high speed cutoff saw you risk fracturing the walls of the shaft. Obviously this would weaken the shaft and could cause what you are experiencing.

Re:Bad Arrows
Posted on: Mon, 2008-09-08 06:23

Good point and I did neglect to mention that these arrows were cut off with an arrow saw at a pro-shop. I know I made it sound like "I" did the work, but all work was done with professional equipment at a pro-shop. I just don't get it.

Re:Bad Arrows
Posted on: Sat, 2008-09-13 16:17

After waiting a week and hearing absolutely no response from the company, I am switching back to aluminum. I continued to shoot my remaining arrows this week and I had a nock break off inside the arrow and 2 more mushroom out. I'm done with carbon and Carbon Express.....too much maintenance and I need more confidence in my equipment than what I've seen demonstrated by these arrows.

For all of you....stick with what you are confident in. Perhaps what should be the most disturbing thing is that Carbon Express did not attempt to contact me at all regarding this matter. If the carbon bug ever bites again, rest assured it will be Easton.

Re:Bad Arrows
Posted on: Thu, 2009-06-25 16:19

I have seen this happen when the pro shop dosnt use a arrow sqairing device.If the cut is just a smiggen off,the insert will only be resting on a little of the shaft.also if the insert isnt pushed to the very end of the same shaft,and the glue is not the proper glue...mushroom!!.I would say that your pro shop is at falt,somewhare.To many archers use these arrows set up the same way and your yhe only one this happens too???.If the shop wolnt make good then i would find another one.I have hit many hard objects dead on and the onlt thing that happened MOST of the time is i bend the point or broadhead,sometims the shaft will crack.I cant recall any mushrooms. pan.

Re:Bad Arrows
Posted on: Sun, 2009-07-05 11:33

sikkemat, please don't base you opinion of Carbon Express arrows from ones purchased at Wal-Mart. In most cases you will notice that the Carbon Express shafts you purchase at these stores has a differant lable and or wrapper on it, even if it says Carbon Express on it. I know, as I used to work at Wal-Mart and know how they purchase products, and passed onto you the unsuspecting.

If you want to purchase a quality Carbon Express arrow do not purchase them at Wal-Mart, K-Mart or some other box store that purchases these mix batched seconds that are purchased in large lot quanities giving you low quality. Yes I said seconds as I believe they get the left overs that do not meet QC. Alot of things happen in those stores to those shafts they have on display. Kids having sword fights hitting/banging the shafts together etc. Also weigh your shafts and may find a variable differance in spine weight etc.

I shoot nothing but Carbon Express arrows, and ALL of them obtained thru Spirit Quest Archery Pro Shop.

I used to be an Easton Axis FMJ guy, but I could not get the consistancy that I do, so I decided to make the switch. Now my arrows are sponsored to me, and I shoot CX Aramid KV 250's and because of the results I get when shooting Carbon Express arrows, I will stick with them.

Bar None!

Re:Bad Arrows
Posted on: Tue, 2009-07-28 22:51

We have also had a very bad experience with these arrows. My 18 year old son was shooting at a target in our yard on March 17th of this year. The next thing he knew there was blood squirting from his wrist. To make a long story short...the arrow had broken in two when he released it and the back piece of the arrow literally took a chunk out of his radial artery, partially severed a tendon, and left behind an inch long piece of arrow plus an extraordinary amount of shrapnal. I cannot explain how lucky he was that we were home at the time. The amount of blood was indescribable. After a panicked trip to the nearest urgent care who then sent us to the local hospital, a three hour wait in the ER to find out we needed to drive another hour to a special hand surgeon in Akron, several hours to wait for the surgery, a two hour surgery, several trips back to see the surgeon during the following two months and some therapy...all four archery shooters in our house got rid of their carbon arrows and we will never use them again. I hope this may save someone else from going through what my son went through. This could absolutely save a life.

Re:Bad Arrows
Posted on: Tue, 2008-09-09 15:56

Sorry to hear about your arrows. Something was wrong during the insert assembly which is causing your specific problem.

#1 the exact inserts for those arrows must be used.
#2 the appropriate procedure/glue must be used.

I suspect your local shop used either a "super glue" or a slow melt hot glue and installed your inserts with the hot melt "over-hot". Either will damage the point end of your carbon arrows -- unbeknownst to you -- a good faith archery guy.

Very sorry about your dilemna. Best thing to do is remove your inserts and recut a little off the end and install with the appropriate adhesive.

If I were you, I would take them back to the person who installed the inserts and show them.

Re:Bad Arrows
Posted on: Wed, 2008-10-01 16:32

Sorry if you are not pleased with the arrows. Something doesn't add up. You could click on the support link above and contact Carbon Express directly for personal service. Not sure what you expect from Walmart. I would again suggest your local proshop for your purchasing and best advice for your personal set-up and help assembling your carbon arrows by qualified staff. As explained above, the glue and assembly process is slightly different than with aluminum.
Good luck hunting this season. Wish you the best.
For me, I will shoot the Maximas for everything from deer to buffalo and have not had any problems.

Re:Bad Arrows
Posted on: Thu, 2008-10-02 22:06

It's not the arrows. Carbon Express as your first choice was the best choice you could have made. Do people really shoot alluminum arrows still? LOL All joking aside, I switched to CX because I wanted the strongest and best arrow I could get for my money. I just bought a dozen of the Carbon Express Maxima's. Sweet arrows. Good Luck to you. Later, Dan

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